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Make the holidays special with an ornament that says exactly what you need it to. These are great for businesses, angel trees, events, or loved ones. Bring your own in, or have us source for you! 


**we do not stcok these, but we can find them quickly**

Glass Ornaments

  • We can engrave **almost** any material. 

    How it works: Enter a request for quote, we will reach out to you, and then once we discuss details of design there will be an email (or in-person) proof. If you respond timely, this is a fast process. 

    Once approved- you can bring in your own material, have product shipped here, or we can order what you need. Turnaround time is typically 1-2 days. 

    Design: We can design anything. There is an extra charge if you need us to create a design (vector file) for you. Our preferred file type is .psd. 

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