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Making it Personal 
Since 2015

“Your name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”
— Dale Carnegie

EtchXpress founder Jason Trummell was looking for an engraver who could do mass customization for his own customers’ gifts — and each with unique customizations — he couldn’t find anyone who fit the bill.

So he decided to do it himself. And he’s been making a name for himself (and others) ever since.

Jason founded etchXpress in 2015 with one initial idea: When expressing gratitude to clients via a thank- you gift, that gift would mean that much more if it were personalized. After all, Jason believes that anyone can give a gift, but it’s unique to be a person who gives a gift with meaning — something that will be remembered and used.

Clients are the reason any business thrives, and clients don’t care how much you know until you show them how much you care. While etchXpress started out by primarily helping realtors and larger corporations create memorable thank-you gifts and marketing pieces, we’ve also developed a reputation for laser engraving customized gifts for individuals. And we’ve become one of the Houston-area’s go-to websites when people need a meaningful gift — and need it quickly.

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What We Do

While most companies in the etching and engraving business focus on volume, we focus on relationships. Because we have no minimum order requirement, we handle orders for one personalized gift with just as much attention to detail and care as we do for 100.

So whether you’re celebrating an event — birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, promotions — or you just need a way to show someone how grateful you are for them, we have the right gift at the right price.

And if you need that right gift right away, our etch29 Guarantee ensures your order of up to 50 units will be ready to pick up or ship within 29 hours, or the engraving is free.

Our Gift Personalization Process

EtchXpress continues to grow and find new and exciting ways to use laser engraving to enhance all of life’s special moments. And we want to help you next.

Whether you have a question about our process, or want to request a quote for your custom order, just reach out. We’re ready to help you select just the right gift and personalization for your client, event, or memory.

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